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For all Volvo employees in Sweden

VFF Pension is an occupational pension association for you who are employees of Volvo Group and Volvo Cars as well as certain companies that have previously been part of one of the groups or are related companies. Our goals are to offer a stable, responsible and sustainable return, high customer satisfaction and to be a responsible, sustainable and efficient organization.

VFF Pension operates on the principle of mutuality – the surplus goes back to the insured in the form of a refund. Thanks to low fees and consistent management principles, we maintain dependable returns and a solid interest rate. Today we have over 110,000 policyholders and manage assets in total about SEK 12 billion.

VFF Pension administrates and manages Volvo Företagspension for all Volvo employees in Sweden, and also manages PLUSpension which is a pension insurance with traditional management. You have already previously been entitled to have a collectively agreed occupational pension with SAF-LO or the alternative ITP T10 with VFF Pension. However, we can no longer be selected as an alternative for the latter.

VFF Pension, which started operating in 1988, is a provider of traditional insurance. The company is accountable to the Financial Supervisory Authority. It is led by a council and a board and its operations are regulated by statutes.

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