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In addition to the customary retirement pension, most people have some form of pension through their place of work. Employees of private companies, with an occupational pension solution for persons earning more than ten base amounts per year can, if the employer allows, exchange part of their ITP2 with an Alternative ITP, so-called tiotaggarlösning (T10). The asset management structure for VFF Pension is traditional management. VFF Pension can no longer be selected as an insurance provider for the Alternativ ITP-T10.

Traditional management

Traditional management means that VFF Pension handles your assets and that as a policy-holder, you are guaranteed a specified sum when you start withdrawing your pension. With traditional management you get a guaranteed interest rate and when the operation generates a surplus, a bonus is also paid out. This bonus is not guaranteed, and may vary from time to time.

Sustainability-related information

Alternativ ITP T10 promotes environmental or social characteristics but does not aim for sustainable investment.

Read more about our sustainability-related information here.

Precontractual sustainability disclosure for Alternativ ITP T10

How much will your pension be?

Your pension is based on your paid-in premiums and guaranteed interest. The guaranteed interest depends on when the premiums were paid in. The bonus interest that is paid over and above the guaranteed interest is not a guaranteed payment, but may instead increase or decrease as conditions change. The size of the pension that is paid out also depends on when you start withdrawing your pension, and the payment period you choose. Paid pensions are subject to taxation as income from employment.

VFF Pension uses life expectancy assumption to calculate the size of the pension in the event of lifelong payment. VFF Pension uses gender-neutral life expectancy assumptions, ie we calculate the same average life expectancy for all insured persons regardless of gender. The current life expectancy assumption that VFF Pension uses is 21.83 years for an insured 65-year-old, ie for lifelong payment we expect to pay a pension until you have reached 86.83 years.

Repayment cover

In order to add, remove or change repayment cover, please contact VFF Pension.

Bonus rate

The bonus rate is 9%
as of May 1st, 2024


0.985 % premium fee
0.3 % annual fee based on the insurance capital

Transfer of insurance

If your Alternativ ITP-T10 insurance is managed by VFF Pension, you can choose to transfer your insurance capital to a different insurance provider on condition that payments have not yet begun. To transfer your insurance please contact your local HR-department.

In connection with transfer of your insurance capital, a market value adjustment will be undertaken if the consolidation level is below 100 %. This means that the insurance capital in your policy will be reduced.

The administrative fee for transfer is SEK 600.

Once your insurance capital has been transferred, you cannot change your mind, and VFF Pension’s obligations will cease.

Insurance terms and conditions

The insurance terms and conditions for the Alternativ ITP-T10 can be found in Forms and documents

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