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VFF Pension is a financial service provider that operates on the principle of mutuality – all profits go back to the insured in the form of a refund.

VFF Pension offers Volvo Företagspension, which is a locally collectively agreed occupational pension for Volvo employees. It has no age limit and does not affect other pension benefits. Volvo Företagspension is a traditional insurance that always starts with repayment cover.

VFF Pension currently offers the following options for savings in Volvo Företagspension:

  • Regular premium
    – an annual payment into the employee’s Volvo Företagspension
  • Time bank conversion
    – possibility for the employee to convert hours saved in the time bank into a premium for his/her Volvo Företagspension
  • Bonus conversion
    – possibility for the employee to convert part or all of his/her bonus into a premium in Volvo Företagspension
  • Seniority remuneration
    – an extra payment for employees who have worked 25, 35, 45 or 50 years – a good way of rewarding long and loyal service!

If you have any requests for other payments to Volvo Företagspension, do not hesitate to contact us.

The same insurance terms apply to the insured of the employers who are affiliated.

The company is accountable to the Financial Supervisory Authority. It is led by a council and a board and its operations are regulated by statutes.

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