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Qualification – terms and premiums

Information regarding qualification regulations as well as terms and premiums for “Volvo Group” can be found here.

Reporting of premiums and invoicing

Reporting of premiums is done via CGI (salary center) to VFF Pension. The annual regular premiums are reported at the beginning of February and the payment of premiums takes place in March.

Other types of premiums that are also paid in by Volvo Group are time-bank premiums which is reported monthly, the reporting is done after the payroll run, which is around the 27th of each month.

Employees can see their premium payments by logging in to their personal page at The premiums are shown on the insurance when VFF Pension has received payment of the invoice. 

New companies

New companies within Volvo Group do not need to apply for membership with VFF Pension. However, you need to fill in a form where you must enclose the Registration Certificate and Information about the company for registration before future invoicing. Here is the form to fill in. 

The application form and registration certificate should be password-protected and emailed to:

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