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If after this you are still dissatisfied, file a complaint with the Complaints Officer for more in-depth examination of your case.

Report to the Complaints Officer

When you file your complaint, which must be submitted in writing, you should state why you feel our decision was incorrect, and provide any additional information you feel we should take into account when we conduct a review of your case.

Your complaint will usually be answered within 14 days after we receive it. If examination of your case is expected to take longer than this, we will contact you.

Complaints about our traditional insurance should be sent to,

VFF Pension
Complaints Officer
TSG:5, 405 08 Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Period of Limitation

The Period of Limitation means that your entitlement to compensation from your insurance provider ceases after a specified time. In order to avoid this, you must submit your claim against us within three years after receiving information that a claim may be filed, but subject to a maximum of ten years from the earliest date on which a claim could be submitted. If you have submitted a complaint to us within the stipulated period, you have six months to appeal after we issue a final decision.


The Swedish Consumers’ Insurance Bureau, The Swedish Consumers’ Banking and Finance Bureau and the municipal consumer advice agency offer advice and information to private individuals on insurance-related issues.


If you are not satisfied with our final decision, you may contact the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) or take the issue further to a general court. Your appeals application to ARN must be submitted within six months after you received our final decision.

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