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Welcome to VFF Pension

Welcome to VFF Pension

Welcome to VFF Pension. On this website we have gathered together everything you need to know about Volvo Företagspension and our operations. If there is anything you want to ask, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Marie Hagstedt, VD

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When you log in to your personal pages you can see all the details of your savings with us. You can log in conveniently with your Bank-ID.

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    Monday - Thursday 9-11 and 13-16, Friday 9-11 and 13-15
  • Götaverksgatan 2
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Volvo Företagspension

Volvo Företagspension is a local collectively agreed occupational pension for Volvo employees. It has no age limit and does not affect your other retirement benefits. Volvo Företagspension is a traditional insurance that always start out with repayment cover. You can choose to have it with or without repayment cover.

Pension contribution

The company pays an annual premium as agreed into your Volvo Företagspension.

Time bank exchange

In addition to the agreed contribution you can enhance your occupational pension by converting time bank hours into pension premiums. As well as receiving a higher pension, the company also adds approximately 5.7% extra to your time bank, which will further increase your future pension. Time bank Exchange is done in connection with your time sheet report, please contact your HR department for further information.

Payment of your pension

Approximately 4 months prior to reaching the age of 65, you will receive a letter with information regarding the payment of your pension. This is when you need to make a decision on when you would like to initiate your pension payments and over what period of time, in years, you would like them distributed. If you would like to initiate payment of your pension prior to the age of 65, your will have to contact us.

Pensions are normally paid over a period of 5 years between the ages of 65 and 70. Payments cannot be initiated before the month after you have reached 55, and no later than the month in which you reach 70. Pension payments are taxed as income from employment.

If you want to start drawing your pension, here is the form you need to fill in!

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