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Volvo Företagspension is managed in the form of traditional administration and the insurance provider is VFF Pension.

Qualification – terms and premiums

Information regarding qualification regulations as well as terms and premiums for “other companies” can be found here.

Reporting of premiums and invoicing

For reporting of premiums, the company may choose to either do as previously, by reporting via FörsäkringsGirot, or else the company may choose to report through personal log-in via the VFF Pension website, which is scheduled to become operational in 2022.

For reporting via the VFF Pension website, a premium file is submitted by a person appointed by the company. The invoice too will be able to be obtained via the log-in page at VFF Pension by authorised persons.

New companies

In order for new “other companies” to be approved as members, the following criteria must be met:

  • The company was previously part of Volvo Cars or AB Volvo.
  • The company is a “partner company”, that is to say a company with a close relationship with either Volvo Cars or AB Volvo

There is a form here for membership application. The application form shall be sent to VFF Pension together with a registration certificate (the registration certificate may not be more than three months old).

The application form and registration certificate should be password-protected and emailed to:

VFF Pension will get back regarding membership once the application has been processed.

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