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Sustainability and minimization of sustainability risks is a continuous work and a natural part of our business and permeates the daily work. Our mission, goals and vision as well as our core values are based on sustainability.

We have two main processes: administration of insurance and management of capital.

We work continuously to minimize our impact on the environment, to be an attractive workplace with a good working environment that offers equal conditions for everyone and for our partners to live up to the corresponding requirements. We communicate transparently about the work in the association as well as about asset management operations.

Our work with sustainability covers our entire business and can be summarized as follows;

  • Environment and social responsibility – We manage nature’s resources by digitizing to reduce paper printing and physical mail handling, we recycle, sort at source, carry out business trips with environmentally friendly alternatives and invest capital sustainably.
  • Social conditions – We contribute to the insured getting a better pension through the administration of Volvo Company Pension. We are a good citizen by complying with the laws and regulations that regulate the business, also in the area of sustainability.
  • Personnel – We work to ensure that our employees are satisfied and committed, and aim for no one to become ill due to working environment. We have an agreement for occupational health care and offer all our employees a health care allowance and also one hour of health care per week. To follow up on the working environment, well-being, training needs, etc., employee interviews are conducted twice a year.
  • Human Rights – We treat and treat all stakeholders equally. We protect the collective agreement. The insurance products are gender neutral, the premium payment from each employer is the same regardless of age, gender or income. The association must also not discriminate against its stakeholders and job seekers and must show respect for personal integrity.
  • Anti-corruption – We shall contribute to anti-corruption by complying with various governing documents, such as, for example, Governing documents for compensation, Ethical guidelines and Guidelines for handling conflicts of interest. The governing document for remuneration establishes that VFF Pension’s employees may not be given variable remuneration as this could lead to deliberate risk-taking. Nor may employees receive gifts or other compensation in connection with procurements, etc. Our employees must annually provide information on any side jobs.

Here you will find all our Sustainability-related documents

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