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VFF Pension’s core values – consideration, competence and efficiency – form the basis for our actions in both internal and external relationships. Our core values are the compass in our daily work. They describe how we should relate to our insured, policyholders, partners, authorities and society in general as well as internally to each other.

Consideration means

  • that we work for our policyholders’ best
  • that we provide simple and clear information
  • that we care about each other, our policyholders and our partners
  • that we do that little bit extra

Competence means

  • that we always strive to deliver good quality
  • that we are knowledgeable about pensions
  • that we aim to always increase our competence
  • that we have active business intelligence

Efficiency means

  • that we have a small and flexible organisation
  • that we are cost-aware
  • that we work in a structured way
  • that we work with continuous improvements
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