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For VFF Pension, it is important to be involved and influence the future of this planet with the help of the placements and choices that the association makes when investing capital. Long-term financial results are also an essential aspect of sustainability for our entire business and to maintain the trust of our policyholders and the insured.

VFF Pension generally works with fund solutions and the asset management has “Stable, responsible and sustainable returns” as its goal. The investment strategy for sustainability is to “Continue to integrate sustainable investments in management that strives to be in line with the Paris Agreement and the UN’s global sustainability goals”.

We strive to have a balance between economic, environmental and social values in our asset management. We therefore invest in funds whose holdings in companies take into account environmental factors, social factors and corporate governance factors, i.e. ESG factors, and follow international standards for human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption. These norms are expressed in UN declarations and conventions. We also aim to invest in funds whose companies contribute to the Paris Agreement and the UN’s global sustainability goals.

We consider main negative consequences for the integration of sustainability risks by focusing on ESG risks that are considered financially material and which can thus affect an investment’s risk and return both positively and negatively. We opt out of fund investments that do not comply with international standards for environmental protection, human rights or anti-corruption. Our approach is not to make investments in controversial weapons, such as cluster weapons, anti-personnel mines, chemical weapons, biological weapons and nuclear weapons, and to avoid investments in the production of tobacco and pornography, as these activities are not in line with our values. We also strive not to make investments in companies whose turnover can be derived to 5% or more from fossil fuels.

VFF Pension follows up and checks sustainability in asset management annually.

In addition to opting out and opting in funds, we also work actively with influence dialogue with the fund companies whose funds have holdings in companies that do not meet our criteria for sustainability.

Here you will find all our Sustainability-related documents

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