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Closure of Volvo occupational pension -unit-linked insurance

In November 2015 AB Volvo and Volvo Cars decided that in the future they would offer Volvo occupational pension in the form of a traditional insurance, removing the possibility for employees to choose a unit-linked insurance. The reason for the…


PLUSpension unit-linked insurance closes down

On October 27 a decision was taken at a VFO Extraordinary General Meeting to close down PLUSpension unit-linked insurance. If you have a PLUSpension unit-linked insurance you can either transfer your policy to another provider or switch to a corresponding…


PLUSpension Fondförsäkring closes down on August 1, 2015

The Swedish Government decided in December last year to reduce deductibility for private pension savings to 1800 kronor per year as of January 1, 2015. A proposal has been submitted to entirely abolish deductibility as of 2016. Following a decision…

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