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Closure of Volvo occupational pension -unit-linked insurance

In November 2015 AB Volvo and Volvo Cars decided that in the future they would offer Volvo occupational pension in the form of a traditional insurance, removing the possibility for employees to choose a unit-linked insurance. The reason for the decision is that there has been little interest in the unit-linked insurance and the prerequisites for running a profitable and competitive operation with low fees no longer exist. Pension premiums paid in after the end of the year will automatically be placed in a Volvo occupational pension traditional insurance.

If you already have a unit-linked insurance, you will be able to transfer this insurance to a corresponding Volvo occupational pension with traditional pension management in Volvoresultats Försäkringsförening. Since VFF Fondförsäkring AB is being closed down, you cannot retain your unit-linked insurance in the company.

Information about the closure will be sent to all relevant policyholders via Benify or by post in December.

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