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Congratulations to you who have an additional occupational pension!

CONGRATULATIONS, as an employee at Volvo or at a former Volvo company have, in addition to your regular occupational pension, also an additional occupational pension – Volvo Company pension. It is a valuable benefit and an important part of your future pension.

Volvo Company pension is managed by us at VFF Pension. Your employer makes a payment into your Volvo Company pension as long as you are employed.

To see what your Volvo Company pension is worth today and what has been paid in, log in to VFF Pension, My pages! Once logged in, we ask that you update your contact details so that we can reach you if necessary.

If you have questions about your Volvo Company pension or about pensions in general, you are always welcome to contact us at VFF Pension by email or by phone on 031-66 12 10.

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