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Congratulations, you have a benefit worth celebrating!

On September 27, it’s time to pay attention to an important and valuable benefit that you might not think about – the occupational pension.

Working life doesn’t last forever and one day you realize that the public pension is not at all on par with the salary.

Fortunately, you have an occupational pension through your employment. It is extra money that your employer pays into various pension companies (including VFF Pension) and that constitutes a significant part of your future pension.

Therefore, there is every reason to celebrate Occupational Pensions Day – for example by going to and getting an overview or visiting for advice and tips.

You who are employed at Volvo or at former Volvo companies have, in addition to your normal occupational pension, also an additional occupational pension – Volvo Company pension. It is a valuable benefit and an important part of your future pension. Volvo Company pension is managed by us at VFF Pension. Your employer pays money into your Volvo Company pension as long as you are still employed. If you want to increase the provision for your Volvo Company pension, it is also possible to convert time bank hours to Volvo Company pension via your time reporting. Please read more about time bank conversion and Volvo Company pension at Time bank conversion

PS. A big piece of cake for the coffee break is also good.

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