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How will you celebrate Occupational Pensions Day?

Occupational pension day, September 27, is an opportunity for you as an employer to draw your employees’ attention to an important and valuable benefit – which they may not think about.

Few employees know that they have an occupational pension – despite the fact that the occupational pension constitutes a significant part of the total pension.

Before Occupational Pension Day, we at VFF Pension want to inspire you as an employer to inform your employees about this important and valuable benefit. Make Wednesday September 27 a day to celebrate!
(Tip: A big piece of cake for the coffee break is both pleasant and educational.)

Information and support materials online

The websites below contain information and tools that increase the appreciation and understanding of the occupational pension included in the employment:

  • At there are both tips for employees and support material for employers, including in the form of suggestions for email texts and intranet articles.
  • gives the employee an overall picture of his entire earned pension, including the occupational pension. There are also tools here to calculate, and plan different scenarios for, your future pension.
  • The site has collected information and guidance on collectively agreed occupational pensions, aimed at both employers and employees.
  • At you can find all the information about Volvo Company Pension, which is the extra occupational pension managed by us at VFF Pension.

Information meeting at your place

If you want us to visit your workplace to inform you about pension issues, we are happy to do so. You are also welcome with your questions by emailing or calling us on 031-66 12 10.

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