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Russia – Ukraine, how does this affect VFF Pension?

We are now seeing great geopolitical unrest due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. This is, above all, a terrible humanitarian catastrophe for the people of Ukraine, but we also see that this is having a negative effect on the financial market. VFF Pension’s asset management is also affected, but as we have well-diversified investments, this is manageable for us and we follow developments closely.

Asset management – Traditional insurance
VFF Pension’s investments must have long-term, stable, responsible and sustainable value growth. Therefore, diversification is a key building block in our management strategy as well as having good oversight of the risks that exist in asset management. How we place our assets in the long term between different asset classes can be seen in our normal portfolio, which is as follows:

Fixed income funds: 48%

Global equity fund: 24%

Swedish equity funds: 10%

Alternative investment funds: 18%

Our placement between different asset classes as above means that we have a good spread of risk that provides a good financial ability to cope with the settlements in the market that occur at regular intervals and which in this case is due to a large geopolitical unrest due to the war between Russia and Ukraine .

VFF Pension has no investments in Russian funds and has a marginal exposure to Russia through single holdings in our global equity funds. Despite this, we, like others operating in the financial markets, are affected by the great uncertainty that currently prevails over the economic consequences that the war will have in the future.

In summary, there is great concern in the financial market and we do not know how long this will last. VFF Pension’s investments, on the other hand, are well adapted to withstand turbulence in the markets.

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